Strengthening Neuroscience Clinical Research Through Innovation

There’s a lot of discussions these days about innovative ideas to make clinical research more patient-focused. The concept goes hand-in-hand with the development of technology that permits researchers to design and execute trials that can significantly reduce the burden of participation.

Development of neuroscience drugs is benefiting from these advances in patient-focused research, as new technologies and approaches are challenging traditional research models. This webinar will explore innovative technology being used to collect data in neuroscience trials, including wearables, remote medication compliance monitoring, data analytics and even virtual study visits to enhance compliance, data quality and patient-centricity.

In this free webinar, the featured speakers will discuss:

• How new technologies can make neuroscience trials more productive, efficient and the endpoints more objective
• How these technologies can improve patient engagement and reduce patient burden, while raising new regulatory/operational concerns
• How new technologies such as wearable devices, remote monitoring, and virtual patient visits have the potential to make trials more patient-friendly, whilst improving the speed and reliability of the studies
•How social media provides many opportunities to increase patient engagement

Featured Speakers:

Juliet M. Moritz, Vice President, Patient & Stakeholder Engagement, Premier Research
Barry Dussault, Senior Director, Program Delivery, Psychiatry, Premier Research