Clinical Research: Phase 1 - Phase 4

mHealth and Remote Clinical Trial Strategies to Include in Your next Study

What happens when patients and clinical research associates alike can’t—or won’t—go to your clinical trial sites? It’s time for a new plan. In the months since the novel coronavirus brought all normal activity to a halt, clinical trials worldwide have been forced to re-examine their strategies and reconsider their approach to data collection, data monitoring, and e-solutions. Fortunately, there is a clear path already established: Rare disease trials have dealt with these issues for years.

They have found that mHealth and remote monitoring allow patients the convenience of staying close to home, while still providing clean, concise data. Rare disease trials often combine these and other techniques, enabling much to be accomplished remotely—a structure that may be the future of clinical trials.

This webinar provides a strong basis for understanding how best to run studies remotely and for moving forward with these practices. We will discuss:

  • Case studies that show remote strategies in action
  • Tactics to mitigate and manage risk
  • Regulatory guidance concerning remote monitoring
  • Skills and processes to request on future RFPs

Presented by: Vicki Gashwiler, Executive Director, Specialty Programs

Anthony Poynton, Senior Director, Program Delivery, Rare Disease & Pediatrics