Managing the Placebo Problem in Chronic Pain Studies

Placebo response is a widespread and growing challenge in clinical drug studies for analgesics. Pain assessments are generally subjective to the patient and may be influenced by misunderstanding of the assessment criteria, exaggerated expectations, subconscious desire to please investigators whom patients come to trust as allies, and other factors. As the effect size gets smaller due to increased placebo response, researchers keep seeking to understand this response and how to minimize its effect on their clinical studies. In this webcast, we will examine how the placebo problem affects the conduct and success of clinical studies in patients with chronic pain.


Managing the Placebo Problem in Chronic Pain Studies: Webcast
Tuesday, March 27, 2018
11:00AM EDT | 4:00PM GMT | 5:00PM CST
1 hour

Topics Covered

  • An overview of the placebo problem in chronic pain studies.
  • Underlying mechanisms that contribute to the high incidence of placebo response.
  • Methods used to measure patients’ response to inert compounds.
  • Approaches researchers use to minimize the placebo response.


Michael Kuss

Vice President, Clinical Development Services, Analgesia

Michael Kuss is the therapeutic leader in analgesia and rheumatology and focuses on building and reinforcing our depth in analgesia. He is responsible for working with clients to help develop clinical development plans, provide therapeutic expertise to internal and external clients, write protocols, manage study teams to conduct clinical trials, and participate in the preparation of clinical study reports.

Scott Millard

Executive Director, Analgesia

Scott Millard has worked in the clinical research industry since 1991. Mr. Millard joined Premier Research in 1997. Since joining Premier, he has served in a variety of roles with increasing scope and responsibility inclusive of Senior Clinical Research Associate, Team Lead, Senior Manager, Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, Project Director, Senior Director, and Executive Director. Mr. Millard served at a director level managing project managers and sponsor programs for more than 13 years specializing in analgesia and rheumatology.

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