Independent Survey Rates Premier Research 
#1 CRO Globally in Customer Satisfaction

2013 Phase II/III CRO Quality Benchmarking Report

The independently conducted survey was published in April 2013.

Premier Research is the #1 CRO globally in “overall satisfaction with service providers,” according to ISR Reports’ new survey of sponsors titled “Phase II/III CRO Quality Benchmarking Report.”

Nearly 9 in 10 sponsors who had recently used Premier Research’s services said that Premier Research either “met, somewhat exceeded, or greatly exceeded expectations” in conducting their clinical trial research program.

Premier Research’s top score among sponsors in overall satisfaction won it the #1 rating for customer loyalty as well. The other factors in Premier Research’s top loyalty score were its high grades among sponsors in the telling satisfaction criteria of “willingness to recommend” and “likelihood to use again.”

Earning a 7.0 point customer loyalty rating on a scale of 1 to 10, Premier Research’s winning score was well above the industry average of 6.4 points. In fact, Premier Research outdistanced the customer loyalty scores of CROs in every category—large service providers, mid-size service providers (Premier Research’s category), and small/niche service providers.

In assigning it the highest customer loyalty grade for any CRO, sponsors rated Premier Research most highly for its project manager quality as well as for the positive customer experience that Premier Research delivered.

Premier Research also rated near the top of the list among sponsors who reported a preference for a specific CRO’s outsourcing services. ISR Reports noted that customer preference drives nearly half of sponsors’ outsourcing purchasing decisions. The factors driving the other half of those purchasing decisions are (1) prior positive experiences with a CRO, (2) project manager quality, and (3) therapeutic expertise. Premier Research rated highly in all of these areas.

ISR Reports indicated that the outsourcing of clinical trials is increasing. In fact, sponsors of clinical research report that year over year they boosted outlays on Phase II/III services by about 7 percent; sponsors projected that spending on CRO outsourcing would grow by 8 percent over the next year.