Investigators, Get Paid Faster: Tell Your Sponsors and CROs About This

Investigator sites work hard to deliver accurate, high-quality work on time. Then, far too often, they wait a long time to get paid. A third of study sites in North America report waiting 90 days or more for payment — a long time for a small business with its own expenses to meet.

It’s more than frustrating: More than 70 percent of sites report that payment delays cause them financial stress. And they’re not the only ones feeling the pain: Investigator payment is a time-consuming and overly complicated process for sponsors and CROs, too.

Fortunately, there’s a better way. PremierPay, our automated investigator payment service, ensures timely, accurate payments worldwide, in local currencies — and reduces the administrative load on site staff by up to 40 percent.

Only winners here

The sponsors and CROs you work with need to know about PremierPay. While most solutions involve compromise on someone’s part, there are only winners here. The software automates the entire financial life cycle of global clinical trials, including contract term translation, contract management, payments, and accounting. CROs and sponsors get complete, real-time visibility throughout the most complex trials — from budgeting to payment reporting to Sunshine Act compliance.

You get paid accurately and on time, and your staff enjoys the same anytime access to current financial data.

And it doesn’t matter if Premier Research is involved in the trial or not. PremierPay is offered as a standalone service for any trial, regardless of what CRO or sponsor is involved.

Need more?

  • All payment data lives in one place for easy tracking and simpler financial control — because when it comes to big expenses, nobody likes surprises.
  • Managing budgets and cash flow is easy.
  • The software is intuitive and really simple to use.

Developing next-generation drugs and improving patient outcomes is important work. We’ll help you focus on what really matters. It’s what we do. Best.

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