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Regulatory and Commercial Insights to Maximize the Development of Digital Health Solutions

October 6th, 202210:00 a.m. EST Digital health solutions, and more specifically digital medicines and digital therapeutics (DTx), are increasingly recognized as potential solutions for areas of high unmet medical need. Rising expectations for these innovative solutions have put significant pressure on developers of digital medicines to bring them to market faster and to generate substantial...

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Navigating Regulatory Pathways for Digital Therapeutics

Accelerated by increasing acceptance of decentralized medicine ushered in by the pandemic, the digital therapeutics (DTx) market is rising exponentially. In January 2022, a Research And Markets analysis valued the 2021 global market for DTx at $3.35 billion and estimated it would reach $12.1 Billion by 2026.1 In March 2022, Insider Intelligence revised its previous...

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International Clinical Trials | Maximizing Strategic Development for Digital Medicines and Therapeutics

The realm of digital medicine is one that is always moving. As regulatory agencies try to keep up with the changing landscape, how can companies get the best out of new digital medicines and therapeutics? International Clinical Trials, May 2022, pages 18-21. © Samedan Ltd

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Accelerating Digital Innovation: A Checklist for Digital Therapeutic Developers

Over the past decade, the development of digital medicines has been steadily gaining momentum, with real-world data demonstrating that these approaches can help improve patient lives. The COVID-19 pandemic further propelled the digital medicines industry forward by shining a light on the need for innovative treatment options and accelerating the adoption of technologies that integrate...