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Drug and Device Development Secrets in the World of Medical Aesthetics, Upcoming Webinar

TORONTO (PRWEB) NOVEMBER 09, 2020 New treatment options for aesthetic indications are in record-high demand, fueled by an aging population, and a growing focus on aesthetic issues related to nutritional habits, sedentary lifestyles, the complex stresses of 21st-century life and rising awareness about aesthetic solutions in all adult age groups. The search for more effective, less invasive, more affordable, and safer solutions is more intense than ever.

Development of drugs and devices in the aesthetic realm has evolved significantly. Still, a key question remains: How to create and implement a superior aesthetic development program in the shortest time possible and on a reasonable budget?

This webinar will lead participants through key strategic, operational and regulatory considerations that will drive program optimization. By the end of the webinar, viewers will be equipped to dive deeper into their aesthetic program, regardless of its stage, and optimize it for success.

Join expert speakers from Premier Research, Nach Davé, R.Ph., M.S., Vice President, Development Strategy and Marlis Sarkany, M.D., Senior Medical Director, Dermatology, in a live webinar on Monday, November 16, 2020 at 11am EST (4pm GMT/UK).

For more information, or to register for this event, visit Drug and Device Development Secrets in the World of Medical Aesthetics.