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DURHAM, N.C., DECEMBER 5, 2017 — The outlook for orphan drug research is more promising than ever, with regulators providing a progressive development platform and government reforms putting new emphasis on the need to treat rare diseases. Premier Research will examine the outlook for biotech and pharma companies at a live webinar on Tuesday, DecemberRead more

DURHAM, N.C., August 10, 2016 — Patient advocacy groups play an important and growing role in developing drugs to treat cancer and rare diseases, contributing to study design, recruiting patients, and even directly funding clinical trials. At a September webinar, Premier Research will team with rare disease advocacy organization Global Genes to explore this importantRead more

DURHAM, N.C., August 08, 2016 — It’s one of the most important things to get right in any clinical trial, yet almost nobody does it well. Trial forecasting requires constant pursuit of fast-moving targets, but most efforts are hobbled by manual processes that are slow and ineffective — and it only gets tougher as studiesRead more

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