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Join us at SCDM 2018 for a session chaired by Sara Doolittle, Associate Director of Data Operations While quality assurance and data operations are generally considered separate entities in clinical drug research, in theory and in practice they are intertwined at multiple levels involving numerous stakeholders. Sara Doolittle, Premier Research’s Associate Director of Data Operations,Read more

Most early-stage biotechnology companies have limited resources and manpower. As a result, early-stage biotechs conducting randomized clinical trial research often need a CRO’s help to deliver the quality data required to make their ideas and theories achieve practical purpose. In addition, engaging a CRO with a depth of strategic expertise early in the planning processRead more

You get one chance to initiate a clinical trial. Botch the start-up and you’ll expend great effort correcting course and playing catch-up. The waste of money and time — commodities that are chronically scarce among the biotech and specialty pharma companies that comprise most of our customer base — can be devastating. That’s why weRead more

Before starting Phase I trials, an Investigational New Drug (IND) application must be approved by the FDA. This critical early step in clinical trial development grants an exemption to laws prohibiting the transportation of drugs across state lines prior to market approval. The three major required areas of information in an IND include: Animal pharmacologyRead more

There are many pitfalls that come with preparing an Investigational New Drug application for FDA submission. Luckily, there are also plenty of ways to avoid them. But the most important strategy? It all comes down to one thing: Always remember to keep your audience (the FDA reviewers) in mind as you write. These five actionableRead more

DURHAM, N.C., SEPTEMBER 29, 2016 — Point-in-time “landmark” analysis, the standard in most chronic pain studies, may not be appropriate for evaluating single-dose drugs. Instead, an analysis strategy similar to that used in acute-pain research may be more effective, Premier Research’s top biostatistics expert will assert in a poster presentation at the American Statistical Association’sRead more

DURHAM, N.C., April 05, 2016 – New European Union standards governing clinical research have significant implications for future drug trials. Nicky Dodsworth, Vice President, Quality Assurance, Risk & Compliance at Premier Research, will discuss these changes at the 2016 West and Wales Regional Forum on Innovation and Risk, April 21 in Milton Park, Oxfordshire, U.K. InRead more

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