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DURHAM, N.C., March 30, 2018 — Predicting the cost of clinical trials is a complex task, and more CROs are providing grant forecasting as a service to produce more accurate projections and give customers greater visibility. A grant forecasting expert from Premier Research will discuss new approaches to predicting trial costs in April at theRead more

DURHAM, N.C., MARCH 2, 2018 — You know that well-worn advice about picking investments: that past performance doesn’t guarantee future results. The same can be said of selecting clinical trial sites, as Premier Research’s top analgesia expert will explore at the American Pain Society’s 2018 Scientific Summit on March 6 in Anaheim. Michael Kuss, ViceRead more

DURHAM, N.C., FEBRUARY 16, 2018 — Biotech innovators exploring new outsourcing models to develop hematological cancer drugs should attend our February 20 webinar. Presented by Luke Gill, Vice President Oncology, Clinical Development Services, and Colin Hayward, Chief Medical Officer, Immuno-Gene Therapeutics in Hematological Cancers: How Science Drives Study Strategy will cover the latest research trends in immuno-oncology and gene therapy andRead more

DURHAM, N.C., February 16, 2018 — Are expedited approvals of new drugs occurring at the expense of innovation? Nach Davé, Vice President of Global Regulatory Affairs at Premier Research, will explore the subject at Outsourcing in Clinical Trials West Coast 2018, February 21 in Burlingame, California. In his presentation, Faster Approvals but Less Innovation: TrendRead more

DURHAM, N.C., February 6, 2018 — Two Premier Research medical device experts will examine the impact of upcoming changes to European medical device regulations at Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Medical Devices Europe 2018. Joanne Emmett, Vice President for Medical Device and Diagnostics, and Janet Kube, Director, Project Management, will discuss the new EU Medical DeviceRead more

DURHAM, N.C., DECEMBER 12, 2017 — When conducting clinical research on heart valve replacement and repair devices, fully engaging the entire trial team is vital to achieving effective operational oversight. Premier Research will examine why — and offer practical advice to medical device makers — at a live webinar on Tuesday, December 12 (11 a.m.Read more

DURHAM, N.C., DECEMBER 5, 2017 — The outlook for orphan drug research is more promising than ever, with regulators providing a progressive development platform and government reforms putting new emphasis on the need to treat rare diseases. Premier Research will examine the outlook for biotech and pharma companies at a live webinar on Tuesday, DecemberRead more

DURHAM, N.C., NOVEMBER 14, 2017 — By 2030, it’s estimated that 75 million people will suffer from some form of dementia, with the cost of patient care reaching $2 trillion annually. By far the most common form of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease, the target of 143 drugs now in development. Premier Research will examine challengesRead more

DURHAM, N.C., November 1, 2017 — Finding the optimal dose, dosing regimen — and, in a growing number of trials, the right combination treatment partner — is essential to developing an oncology therapeutic. Early-phase oncology trial designs must take into account the latest information about emerging therapies, biomarkers, and trial methodology, along with evolving regulations,Read more

DURHAM, N.C., OCTOBER 20, 2017 — Premier Research’s head of patient engagement will address patients’ emerging role in the development of novel drugs October 23 at the Cambridge Rare Disease Network Summit in Cambridge, U.K. Juliet Moritz, the CRO’s Executive Director for Patient Engagement and Strategic Development, will discuss how patient advocacy groups are greatlyRead more

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