Thorough Training and Experienced Team Make the Difference in a Phase 3 Pediatric ADHD Study

Following the successful completion of an open-label and Analog Classroom setting Phase 3 pediatric ADHD studies, a global specialty biopharmaceutical company contracted with Premier Research to conduct a third ADHD study utilizing the Analog Classroom setting within the adult population for a Workplace Environment Study.

The high quality of data from this study was a result of our hands-on experienced study team. The team confirmed there was qualified site staff with significant documented experience prior to being approved to conduct the study assessments and provided thorough site training with an emphasis on the rating scales and psychiatric evaluations. They also ensured the appropriate CRA resources were available to support the large volume of source documents and CRF data needing to be reviewed following classroom visits.

Due to the continuity of team members, operational efficiencies established, and the overall success and management of the aforementioned studies, Premier Research has since been contracted to conduct two Phase 3 adolescent and one Phase 4 adult studies, resulting in six contracted studies within a 20-month time period.

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