Overcoming Recruitment Challenges in a Breast Cancer Study

Premier Research recently managed the European arm of a Global Phase 3 Breast Cancer Study for a Top 5 Global Pharmaceutical company. Premier Research was responsible for 160 patients at 62 sites located in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy and Romania. This was a very difficult study to recruit due to the inclusion/exclusion criteria. While all sites worked in unison to deliver the required patients, Premier Research employed different strategies in order to meet enrollment targets for each country. For example in the United Kingdom, the CRA coordinated two teleconferences with the investigators and sponsor in order to share ideas and issues associated with recruitment. In Spain, the CRAs created a local newsletter that detailed the recruitment per site resulting in a friendly competitive environment which improved enrollment by more than 400%.

Premier Research demonstrated its knowledge of local clinical research environments and the effectiveness of our operations team while managing this study.

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