Managing a Global Registry for Acute Coronary Syndrome

For over seven years Premier Research managed an Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) registry developed under the guidance of an 18-member scientific advisory committee comprised of cardiologists and epidemiologists experienced in ACS research and clinical practice. The registry was an international, multicenter, observational study that gathered and analyzed data on ACS patients and treatment practices used in the hospital management of these patients. The data captured and reported in this registry reflected a “real world” approach to the diagnosis and treatment of ACS patients.

The goal of this registry was to improve the medical care of ACS patients through a better understanding of patient demographics, management, in-hospital and post-discharge outcomes. 100 centers in 14 countries across four continents participated in the registry recruiting more than 40,000 patients.

The success of this program prompted several other registries. The largest included 169 centers and enrolled over 10,000 patients with ACS. It was more broadly dispersed across 24 countries and five continents.

Premier Research used a hybrid model for data collection and management. Centers were able to enter patient information on CRFs that were either faxed to Premier Research or entered electronically on an eCRF. The choice of data entry was up to each site depending on their technical capabilities and preference.

Through Premier Research’s efforts, data from the registry was published in 26 scientific manuscripts, and more than 175 abstracts were presented at international meetings. The findings from the registry have been published in such renowned journals as The Lancet, European Heart Journal, and Circulation.

Premier Research’s international presence, cost effective data collection, and investigator management enabled this study to expand and continue.

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