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Beyond Spreadsheets: Finally, an Accurate Solution to Trial Forecasting

DURHAM, N.C., August 08, 2016 — It’s one of the most important things to get right in any clinical trial, yet almost nobody does it well. Trial forecasting requires constant pursuit of fast-moving targets, but most efforts are hobbled by manual processes that are slow and ineffective — and it only gets tougher as studies grow more complex.

That’s changing now with the advent of automated trial planning and investigator payment tools, described in a Premier Research and Bioclinica webinar now available on demand. Clinical Trial Forecasting: Managing the Challenges and Avoiding the Fines examines new approaches to forecasting and reforecasting budgets, cash flow, patient enrollment, study amendments, grant payments, and other elements.

In a telling illustration, 60 percent of the webinar’s attendees said 6 percent to 10 percent forecast-versus-actual variations were acceptable in their studies. Those results, typical with the spreadsheet-based processes used on most trials, are too high for presenters Jim Sacchetta and Jay Trepanier. Considering the huge cost of drug development, they target variances no greater than 3 percent — a goal their user-friendly tools are delivering today.

These tools also can quickly model changing scenarios, such as adding new geographic regions — an increasingly common occurrence as trials become more global. View the webinar to get the whole story.

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