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A rare cancer is often defined as one with an incidence of less than 15 per 100,000. The patient populations of these conditions are so small that traditional clinical trial design strategies can be unfeasible. But, with such a low incidence, just why is rare oncology research so important? Why Rare Oncology Needs Innovation Keep in mindRead more

A target product profile (TPP) is a strategic process tool that streamlines medical device development through cross-functional strategic alignment. It’s a living document that defines the value proposition and key differentiators of an intended commercial product while assisting in product development strategy. A TPP may take a lot of time and resources to craft, but it’s a strategy that promises a majorRead more

When developing treatments for a relatively common illness or disease, patient recruitment is relatively straightforward.  Screening and data collection can generally be done in a centralized location in a highly controlled environment. Now, imagine the concentration of people with the disease is not high enough in your local area, or even your country for thatRead more

Visit the iTunes App Store or Google Play and you will find the smartphone app PoopMD+: A New Parent’s Guide to Baby Poop and Pediatric Liver Disease Study from Johns Hopkins. PoopMD+ is an imaging and clinical survey-based app developed to help screen for a rare but life-threatening liver disorder in babies and collect feedbackRead more

A target product profile is a document that presents a polished explanation and aggregation of all relevant information needed in validating product development. This common template can be used for all products across a company portfolio to guide and align regulatory, preclinical, clinical, marketing, and health economic outcomes and reimbursement strategies. The concept of the TPP was originally developedRead more

It would be hard to overstate the need for new therapies that target unmet medical needs, especially in rare disease. After all, there are only about 400 approved “orphan drugs,” meaning that 95 percent of rare diseases lack a single approved treatment. Now the good news: U.S. and European regulators, recognizing the size and severityRead more

Britain’s plans to leave the European Union could profoundly affect clinical drug research in the U.K. The impact spans a broad range of unknowns, from where the London-based EMA will put down roots to Brexit’s influence on trial regulations, cost, funding, and recruiting of scientific talent. Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Colin Hayward, addressed theseRead more

Quality and effective risk management are vital to every clinical trial, and their importance is greater still when working in rare indications. Your patient population is small, vulnerable, and geographically dispersed, so there’s limited data and little opportunity to replicate clinical trial results. It’s as if the phrase “get it right the first time” hadRead more

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