Monthly Archives: July 2017

In the early days of fibromyalgia drug research, trial site selection centered almost exclusively on rheumatologists and pain centers. But with more drugs on the market and still more studies underway, there has been significant expansion in the number of sites equipped to conduct this research. Up to a point, anyway. As fibromyalgia therapy matures,Read more

In our previous CECs blogpost, we reviewed why Clinical Endpoint Committees (CECs) are so crucial for successful trials today. But just how do sponsors establish and operate a CEC? It’s a complex process that can be broken down into these eight key steps: 1. Understand the deep level of commitment required in putting a CEC together.Read more

Back to Perspectives Blog Home Patient and parent engagement is crucial for successful pediatric drug trials. That’s why the best strategies are ones that encourage proactive involvement beginning at the early stages of protocol development through study conduct and eventual results-sharing. And that includes input. We partnered with iCAN in 2015 to ask pediatric patients, their family members,Read more

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